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Join our investors and receive income at the level of top financial market professionals. Start collecting assets with ALEF traders.
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Efficiency of top traders
Our clients make profits at the level of the best financial market professionals, without delving into the details of trading. We take over this work.
We have a lot of experience in capital management in all market situations – both in stable times and during periods of financial crises.
Our traders have proven their effectiveness through a rigorous selection process. The best of two and a half thousand applicants work in our team.
Company's profit percentage
5 years on the market
We have been professionally managing funds of private investors since 2017 and we continue to keep high performance lavel for all the clients
30 million EUR
in euro equivalent is the total amount invested in the management of our company
350 investors
have trusted us to manage their invesments. Some of them have been our clients since our very begining
Advantages of our clients
Financial security
Receive a stable investment income, create and increase family capital. Secure financial freedom for yourself and your loved ones. Think about the most important things while your money is working for you.
Education for children
Invest with us and save up funds to pay for tuition and internships at the best universities in the world. Give your children and grandchildren the opportunity to become who they want to be.
Retirement savings
Earn on investments many times more than pension programs offer. Make your own plan for the future, fulfill your boldest wishes, dream and make your dreams come true.
A new level of life
Create a money reserve for serious purchases, paying for expensive medical care and any kind of emergency. Rest assured that you can cope with any challenge of fate.
Our Investment Strategies
Fix Profit
Flexible strategy
High yield
Average annual return in euros including costs
Minimum term of investment 1 month
Estimated monthly income 2%
Financial instruments: Stocks, bonds, ETF
Deposit guarantee 100%
A strategy with moderate risk and high return. Suitable for medium and large investments
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Dynamic Profit
Max yield
Optimal risk level
Average annual return in euros including costs
Minimum term of investment 1 month
Estimated monthly income 3%
Financial instruments: Stocks, bonds, ETF
Deposit guarantee 80%
A strategy with moderate risk and high return. Suitable for medium and large investments
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“The point of investing, is not to have a great story to tell; the point of investing is to make money with limited risk.”
Andre Dubini
Founder & Head Trader
Our Team
Ilya Motso
Partner & Spain Representative
Michael Chadayev
Product Manager
Samat Bakasbekov
Partner & Kazakhstan Representative
How It Works?
Client account
Register on the site, then choose a financial management strategy with the optimal profit level, investment horizon and risk percentage. Go to the «Create and replenish the main account» section, specify the amount of replenishment, the method of transfer of funds and your contacts. Our manager will contact you and let you know how to transfer funds to the account.
Receiving the profit
After replenishing your investment account on the Alef Traders platform and choosing the proper investment strategy, you transfer funds to our team of traders for trust management. Trading is carried out exclusively on financial markets on a daily basis. Your investor income is formed from the profit received from trading. For the SAFE and FIX strategies the amount of the investor profit is fixed, if you choose the DYNAMIC strategy, the commission of the company could be up 50%
Withdrawal of funds
Create a withdrawal request in the «Balance» section of your personal investor account. The request will be fulfilled on the 1st day of the next month, and the funds will be transferred to you within 5-10 business days after this date. Until the application is executed, your money will remain in operation and you will continue to receive interest on it.
Investor's Personal Platform
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Become an investor in 5 minutes
To open a client account, just fill out a simple form, choose a suitable management strategy and replenish your investment account.
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Attract investments to our company and get a share of the profits. We are actively developing and open to cooperation
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At our HUB you will get access to a great knowledge base, access to trading platforms and environment which will let you practice trading.
ALEF supplies funds for talanted traders.
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