What We Offer
Office space
A coworking space in the heart of Valencia for traders which helps in enhancing trading results while working and learning among like-minded people.
In ALEF HUB you will get access to fully equipped trading accounts through the programmes that suit all trading strategies and styles. We share our best practises on our weekly meet-ups.
Learn what you need and when you need it.
We provide you an access to a great educational platform that allows you to practice trading from the very beginning and pass the evaluation stage.
If you are a trader who can demonstrate an ability to react to the markets, manage risks and, most importantly, generate profits, then we are looking for you to join our teem of traders.
We provide the necessary funding and resources helping to shape a better future for our traders.
“We are looking for talented and ambitious traders, who are ready to take their trading to the next level. We provide the necessary funding and a desk in our HUB to help perform better.“
Andre Dubini
Founder & Head Trader
How We Work
Start Trading
Once you have passed the interview and signed the contract, you will get a trading account login details so you could start your trade.
For beginners we offer an access to an educational platform helping to develop an ability of being consistently profitable in the market step by step.
Demonstrate an ability to profit
We want to give you a real chance to demonstrate your abilities.
All traders can only trade at the ALEF HUB. Prove you can profit, show you can manage risk and prove to yourself and us that your performance is consistent.
Get funded
Complete our funding evaluation and demonstrate the profitability of your strategy & risk management capabilities to get funded with up to $200,000 and 40% profit split.
Apply below for a Trading Desk.
Schedule a meeting with our manager.
Contact us through
Hub Acces Options
The longer you are with us then more affordable it gets
1st Month
300 EUR
2-3d Month
200 EUR
After 4th Month
100 EUR
Our background
Our first TRADING HUB operated in
Kyiv, Ukraine
In 2021 we moved to Valencia! So welcome to our Spanish TRADING HUB