TRADING course
with further employment and trading capital from the company!
Madrid - Valencia
Start: November
Want to master a new profession
want to reach a high level of income
want to create a trading business
This course is for you, if you:
If you want to get the most, we will help you train and assemble a team of professionals that will take you to the desired level, with high efficiency for your investment and efforts.
Trading is not an easy, but a very well-paid path to financial freedom, it allows you to make money both during an economic recovery and in a crisis.
Trader is one of the highest paid and demanded professions in the world, the great advantage of which is a high income even in a crisis.
What awaits you on the course:
We train talented traders, and we gladly cooperate with them. You can get a contract job after completing your training.
Employment and trading capital from the company
Training is carried out on a professional trading platform provided by the company, which later students use for trading
Fully organized office and necessary software
You immediately hone the acquired knowledge in practice, using it in trading from the very beginning of training.
Analysis of deals and work on mistakes
You learn from people with many years of experience who track trends in the profession and sort knowledge into a clear algorithm for you.
Practical work with experienced traders
In 3 months you will become
See the full course program
You will receive advanced knowledge and practical skills from experienced traders that will help you achieve results in the shortest possible time!
1 Introduction.
  • Acquaintance
  • Opening a trading account
  • Basic Trading Concepts
  • Trading styles
2 Trading instruments.
Technical analysis:
  • General concept of technical analysis
  • Trends and Levels
  • Reversals and Ranges
Trading concepts:
  • Probability theory
  • Types of trading systems
  • Types of orders
  • news
  • Reading the tape
3 Trading platform.
  • Terminal setup
  • Trading instruments
  • Trading costs
4 Risk control and risk management.
  • Risk management
  • Money management
  • Tactics
  • Strategy
5 Selection of stocks.
  • Какие бывают акции
  • Какие подходят под данныю торговую систему
  • Как находить нужные акции
  • Как торговать разные типы акций
6 Trading psychology.
One of the most important topics in trading, which we will pay special attention to, is psychology in trading. According to the experience of many traders, the study of this particular topic allows you to have consistently high trading performance and have constant growth. We will devote as much time to this topic as necessary, not only during training, but also after employment!
7 Much more.
  • statistics Tracking
  • Regular analysis of transactions
  • Community of like-minded people
  • Joint chat with other traders
  • And much more!
We offer work on
contract to our students
Providing Graduates with Trading Capital and Unlimited Growth Opportunities!
We employ ourselves
students on the best terms
Stages of training on the course
You meet the teacher and fellow students, with whom you will spend the first three months in the company
The main part of the training is practical knowledge and step-by-step algorithms for making a profit from the market
Practice and accompaniment
After successfully completing the course, we provide capital for management and employment in our offices.
A necessary part of the training is about basic knowledge of how the market works and how to make money on it
What is included in this cost:
Practical knowledge
Throughout the course, you gain the most advanced knowledge of traders with extensive experience.
If you have any difficulties during training, we will help you figure it out on an individual basis.
Equipped office
In case you have the opportunity to be on offline training, the company provides a comfortable and fully equipped office.
Two professional platforms
The cost of each of which is 100€ per month, during the training, the company pays for you.
Individual analysis of transactions
At least once a week, the transactions of each student are sorted out and feedback is given to improve the results.
Community of like-minded people
Among other things, you find yourself in a community of like-minded people with whom you develop and grow faster.
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